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Hello Tim here tell you the Sichuan Travel tour Info at the below

1. Geographic Locution
Sichuan Province is located in southwest China, has an area of
485,000 square kilometers and a population of over 87 million.
2. Status and Reputation
The four words can be used to describe the tourism resources of
Sichuan: abundant, diverse, widely distributed, and superb in taste;
these are a rare combination of attributes in China and the even in the
3. Scenic Features
Sichuan is a province well known for its wealth of tourism
resources of natural landscapes, historical relics and ethnic customs.
As the old saying goes, "Mountains and waters in Shu are well worth
watching." Sichuan has:
1)two sites included in the List of World Natural Heritages:
Jiuzhaigou Valley, the "fairyland" on the earth; and
Huanglong (or Yellow Dragon), the "jasper lake in the mundane
2 )one site included in the World Cultural and Natural Heritages
Mt. E'mei with thc Giant Buddha of Leshan, a sacred site of Buddhism
3 ) one site included in the List of World Cultural Heritage: Dujiang-
yan Irrigation Project & Mt. Qingcheng
4)20 State 4A-level or State 3A-Level Scenic Areas
S) 10 National Key Tourist Resorts
6) 67 Provincial Scenic Areas
7) 13 National Nature Reserves
8) 45 Provincial Nature Reserves
9)25 National Forest Parks
10 ) 51 Provincial Forest Parks
11 )4 National Geological Parks
Among them, the following are promising candidates for the List
of World Natuial Heritages or World Cultural Heritages: the
Sanxingdui Ruins of Guanghan , the Jinsha Ruins of
Chengdu , the Qiang Stockaded Village of Taoping in
Aba , the Giant Panda Nature Reserve of Wolong, and Daocheng-Yading of Ganzi