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Hello, I am a China Chengdu Southern Silk Road tour guide andr.I am also a business manager working in Chengdu Sichuan China Southern Silk Road international Travel Service. Whether you are businessman or tourists travel to china and west china.,I Can be your Xinjiang guide or even China Guide when you come.also the best friend
when you are in China.I speak standard accent English and Chinese.I am also apart time musician likes Jazz and all style western music and I play Guitar and also can sing some english songs. I also knows a lot about chinese culture such as Chinese medicine,.Ying and Yang etc....No matter where you are from,what nationality you are, I hope we can be best internet friend.I have been to Yunnan,Sichuan,Guangdong,Shaanxi,Gansu and the city Such as Kunming,Chengdu,Xi' an,Lanzhou. Although I am not a professional web designer,but I am a tour experts. Some web site that has a good looking on it but maybe they are not professional tour experts . Im this web site I provide China guided tour and escorted tour . We also have hostel in Chengdu for the individual guest with Standard room